Pixely Thingy

Live wallpaper using shaders in unity. Uses user input to spawn circles, that consist of individually simulated pixels.

Super Space 3000

Win the space tournament by controlling your spaceship around deadly obstacles using numpad. It was partially inspired by super meat boy with short levels, high difficulty and focus  on repeats, with the main differentiation being wery innovative control scheme using your numpad as pointing device.

This game is upgraded version of my GMTK game jam entry, it took around two weeks(in addition to jam weekend) to develop. 

just peel some apples

I developed this game partly to learn more about shading in unity, and partly to make something relaxing that is not all about micros-transactions/ Skinner boxes and other commercialization techniques.

Apple was created using cubemap rendertextures with RHC6VC  tessellation displacement shader.V4R9PR I also generate shape and texture of apple procedurally.

simple COLOR mixing

This is my first full game, it's not showcasing any particular skills(maybe creativity :D) but I like how it looks. You're supposed to swipe according to color(yellow is down and so on) and then the colors mix introducing progressively more difficult combinations.

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